Maybe you don’t have to dress like a creative to be a creative.


Today - being Black Friday and payday - I went into Topshop on Oxford Street with the intention of spicing up my (very mundane) wardrobe. 

Since I’ve been mingling with sorts that like to class themselves as creative advertisers I’ve noticed one thing - I do not fit in with their rather edgy aesthetic style. In fact, I feel like a bit of the outcast because I’m not head to toe in FILA or Adidas. I don’t have any air max trainers, and if I did I’d probably be wearing them for dog walks. I don’t own a single midi ring. The only tattoo I’ll ever have will be the temporary power puff girls one I have in the bottom of my drawn from when I was 7, and I can honestly say I have never - and probably will never - wear a SnapBack. The only fresh crepes I can afford are the ones I eat for breakfast and shirts that are 5 sizes too big for me make me look like I’m wearing my grandmother’s nightie. 

So, I went into Topshop attempting to potentially up my edgy game, (although I was already wearing hoop earrings today so that was quite a feat in itself.) I found some pretty rad high-waisted red trousers that looked alright on my rather flat bum, and they were definitely putting me out of my safe clothing comfort zone so I purchased them. 

I was just doing a casual cat walk for my mum and thinking about what edgy shoes would match my new edgy trousers, when I realised that red trousers or not, my creativity probably won’t be affected by my attire (although I do get ingenious idea in my pyjamas). So, although I’d like to have a natural talent for coolness, I think I’ll just stick to my primark blouses for now. 


Rosie May Bird Smith