Amazon Fresh

- Pitching itself as a new and innovative way to stock your cupboards, Amazon Fresh delivers treats and essentials from specialist merchants and local markets straight to your door. Amazon would release beautifully crafted content, build a mouth-watering identity and host targeted events to promote this up-and-coming 'foodie destination'. 


A Response to the Toblerone Outrage

 - When Toblerone changed it shape and became infamously known as the 'Brexit Toblerone' there was outrage amongst fans. Toblerone needed to combat the backlash with a comical 'apology-esque' response. 



YCN - The Royal Opera House Ballet

 - How do we get young people to consider the ballet as a potential evening out? A bit of light-hearted humour that mocks their current idea of fun. 


Tangle Teezer - Tame Your Mane

 - These popular hairbrushes are known for their ability to 'tame' any type of unruly hair. By injecting the brand with humour, perhaps Tangle Teezer could become one of the only non-pretentious beauty brands in existence. 

billboard mocup.jpg


Logo Design & Brand Identity

 - To finance part of her Masters degree, Rosie freelanced whilst studying in Falmouth. She created websites, logos and content for an emerging drink brand, a building maintenance company and a marketing agency for new businesses.